Gint3 (or V3) is the 3rd major version of Gint. It represents a significant architectural shift to be based on Gradle instead of Gant as the fundamental underpinning of the declarative and dependency based nature necessary for Gint. Gradle provides a significant technology advancement and is evolving regularly. Gant based Gint scripts will need to be migrated to Gradle/Groovy based scripts for V3. Most scripts should migrate easily if they don't use a lot of Gant specific coding (which is not common). Gradle, especially with the Gradle Wrapper, will make managing tool installation and versioning significantly easier. Command line support will be similar for how targets (testcases) are specified, but parameter settings will need to be updated to take advantage of Gradle specific support that is much more comprehensive and flexible. Native Gradle support will replace some Gint features that previously were not provided by native Gant and Groovy. In the future, Gint scripts will also be able to be implemented as Gradle/Kotlin scripts.


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