Feature - Reports


Test result reporting is an important element of testing. GINT supports the following report output:

  1. Output log has detail and summary reports. Report detail is determined by a few test parameters. Default logging is usually sufficient. Consider verbose logging for CI environments. Use debug logging when creating issues for GINT problems.
    • -Dverbose - a GINT parameter that adds additional information to the log.
    • -v - a GANT logging option that adds more verbose information. When -v is requested, GINT's verbose setting is also set.
    • -d - a GANT logging option that adds debugging information. Some GINT level debugging information will be logged with this option.
    • -q - a GANT logging option that reduces the normal information logged.
  2. JUnit-style XML output - optional using the xmlReport parameter
  3. Mail report - optional using the mailReport parameter. Mails a summary report to the addresses configured or specified.
  4. IM report - optional using the imReport parameter. IMs a summary report to the address configured or specified.
  5. Database report - see Feature - Database Output.

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